Sitting with Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon

Reupholstery-and-collage-with-Chiang-Mai-Dragon-fabricSchumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon is one of the best-loved fabrics and definitely a personal favourite. Lisa Jo at Princess Perfect was kind enough to give me a remnant and I’m going to use it on the inside back of a small wing chair I’m currently reupholstering.  My next task is to select a coordinating fabric for the rest of the chair.  Using Photoshop Elements 6.0, I’ve created a collage to showcase a few of the fabrics in the running.  They’re displayed next to my wing chair over which I’ve draped the Chiang Mai Dragon remnant (Alabaster colourway).  According to the Schumacher website: “Chiang Mai Dragon was originally derived from an exuberant 1920’s Art Deco era block print.”  Here’s a description of the other fabric contenders:

    • Option 1: In fashion and decor, mixing patterns is de rigueur.   In this case; however, I think a solid is needed directly adjacent to such a wildly colourful print.  Still, I just had to show off the perfectly matching hues in Joanne/JF Fabrics’ Roxbury, a cotton velvet.  Maybe I can use it for a throw pillow instead?
    • Option 2: Is grey still the new black?  Threadcount’s solid cotton velvet  really sets off the multicoloured print.  The thing is, I already have a chair reupholstered in this luxe fabric. On to Option 3.
    • Option 3: A black/brown weave from Joanne/JF Fabrics’ Winning Weaves .  At 75,000 Double Rubs, this has astronomical durability, and it’s washable, too.  I think it picks up the outlines in the Dragon print and it won’t show the dirt (considering the chair will be shared by 2 humans and 3 fur kids!)  I also like the weave texture next to the linen texture of the print – they’re relatable.
    • Option 4: Joanne/JF Fabrics’ Capri in a vibrant blue.  It really pops, but I think it’s a bit too much and may take away from our dragon’s roar.
    • Option 5: I just had to include this licorice red because it picked up the reds in our print so well.  It’s Joanne/JF Fabric’s Houdini – a faux leather that I’m hoping I’ll get to use on another project.

Which fabric will I choose?  I have no idea.  Stay tuned for the reveal in days to come.

Julie 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sitting with Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon

  1. Did you ever decide? I’m looking for a coordinating fabric for the Aquamarine colorway, and I’d love to see how this turned out!

    • Hello Karen! Thank you so much for reading and for your question! Yes, I did choose a fabric and I think it looks marvelous. It’s the chocolate brown & black weave from Joanne/JF Fabrics. The thing is, I haven’t finished reupholstering my wing chair because I’ve taken on a few commissions doing chairs for others. Still, I will definitely post an “After” pic when I’m done. You’ve inspired me! 🙂 Let me know what you decide and if you send a picture, I’ll post it (would love to see before and after). Regardless, Chiang Mai Dragon will make it shine.

  2. Where do you buy Joanne/JF fabrics? Is it only to the trade? I love the idea of the Roxbury print for a throw pillow (I too have some fabulous dragons in my den and need some coordinating pillows 🙂 ). Thanks for any help!

    • Hello Melissa! Thanks for your interest and for your question. Yes, Joanne/JF fabrics is available only to the trade. I have an account through my business “” so if you live in the greater Toronto area I can order for you and ship to you. Why not contact me at or call 647-847-9037 and we can chat. We’d love to create some custom pillows for you!

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