New Project: Ros & Joe’s Parsons Chairs

This was my first real, solo, upholstery commission.  I am greatly indebted to our dear neighbours Ros and Joe for trusting me with their furnishings 🙂

Fortunately, their Parsons chairs turned out really well (if I do say so myself).  I must admit I also got some advice from Juanita, a master upholsterer who happens to live only blocks away from me.

These chairs were originally from Up Country and after years of daily use, they were worn looking.  Fortunately, they have sturdy hardwood frames and legs and they were definitely worth reupholstering.

First, Ros stained the legs to a dark rich brown completely transforming and updating their look.

Ros then chose a Joanne/JF Fabric called Knight in a beautiful gray colour.  (Note how the tone of the chair is vastly altered depending on the light in the after photos.  This is why I often take photos of furniture outdoors for truer colour.)

In the collage below, I’ve also included another fabric from the same fabric sample book so that you can see a coordinating fabric that Ros chose for cushions on her living room sofa (Prince – the fabric, not the sofa).  She is considering adding a raspberry accent for pop so I included a corresponding swatch.

And now here are the pics…



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