New Project: Bud’s Wing Chair

The inspiration board above, though striking, needed revision. Bud sent me some links to images to help zero in on the fabric and look for my reupholstery of his Chippendale style wing chair. I’ve put those pics in the new collage below:


I tried to find all the fabrics that my two fabric suppliers carry that are most similar to the tapestries that Bud likes. See them below. The one that most resembles Bud’s picks is the one on his wife Simone’s chair. The two plain fabrics in the bottom right corner (or something even more griege and burlap looking) could be used on the outside of the chair to give it that unfinished or deconstructed look that the chair in the middle has. Or we could use a number of fabrics like the custom patchwork chair.


Stay tuned for the results…


One thought on “New Project: Bud’s Wing Chair

  1. I love the little “treasures” I find in my thrift store scores. I’ve found school photos from the 60’s, foreign coins, and a calendar detailing someone’s chemo treatments, to name a few. I feel honored to stumble upon these little glimpses of other people’s lives, and it inspires me to make good on the piece of furniture I’m rehabbing. If walls can’t talk, sometimes the furniture can!

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