And now for the reveal – my Schumacher remnant masterpiece

For those who read my 1st upholstery blog post: “Sitting with Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon” I know you’ll understand how excited I am to reveal my finished chair. Since 1889, Schumacher has created some of the highest end fabrics in home décor (supplying to the White House, for example).  I received a remnant and wanted to feature […]

A Tale of Two Seaties


(with my apologies to Dickens…) “Nothing that we reupholster, is done in vain. I believe, with all my soul, that we shall see triumph.” ― Julie James, Bespoke Upholstery with inspiration from Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities Our story begins during a solo bike ride on the south east side of Toronto when a historian and […]

Reupholstery as History and… Archaeology

An upholstery shop is not the Valley of the Kings, but I still feel like Indiana Jones when I uncover the history of a chair. Stripping a chair before reupholstering it is like excavating a site: removing layers of fabric, padding, staples, decomposing burlap, and sagging webbing.   As the stripping process is carried out, I assess the […]

Is it worth re-upholstering?

If you or a family member has a chair or sofa that you’d like to have reupholstered, read on. Perhaps the fabric is worn, dated, or it just doesn’t work with your decor. Perhaps, the chair wobbles, or the seat stuffings are deflated. Your first step is to ascertain whether your furniture piece has sufficient potential to […]

Welcome to Bespoke Life: the Upholstery Blog

Welcome to Bespoke Life: the upholstery blog of Julie James! I LOVE upholstery, but I don’t think it gets the respect it’s due.  In order to highlight the art and benefits of the crafts of upholstery and reupholstery, I’ve decided to write this blog. I hope you find this blog interesting and educational; but most of all that you […]