Finally a vintage sofa for me

There’s a great 2nd hand furniture store 2 blocks from our home called Ontario Thrift on Pape Avenue.

I happened in one day and fell in love with a mid-century modern sofa with teak arm rests.  I just couldn’t pass it by as it has such clean lines, it is in excellent condition, comfortable, and the size is perfect for our living room.  Now here she is in my workshop:


Here’s another shot where you can see her beautiful teak arm rests:


This stylin’ vintage piece is awaiting re-upholstery by me and a trusted master upholsterer who has given me a lot of help with my hobby.  Now, the challenge is to choose new fabric.  While the fabric looks great in these pics, it is getting quite worn (I think it’s original).  In the coming days I will be posting fabric swatches.  Right now, I’m partial to a vintage woven in a strong colour like blue or red.  I just can’t choose a neutral for something so divine.  I’d love your suggestions so feel free to pipe up!


4 thoughts on “Finally a vintage sofa for me

  1. I’ve been apprenticing under a shop of master upholsterers for some time and happened upon your blog as I took up an interest in what other people have been doing and this blog is such a great mystery to me! you pulled me in with your delightful background and story of you parents. Then, I was captivated by your incredible eye for design , I even started reading “Never Let Me Go” after I read the quote and then mysteriously, the posts stop! did you quit upholstery and go back to the desk job? perhaps you’ve sought solitude in a beautifully secluded cottage in the highlands with no internet access…. or maybe you forgot your password for the e-mail address that’s tied to this wordpress.

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